RouteIt - Travel World Free

RouteIt - Travel World Free 2.8.6

A FREE app that lets you travel virtually through 300+ exotic routes across the world.

A FREE app that lets you travel virtually through 300+ exotic routes across the world.

A FREE app that lets you organise your trip virtually through 300+ exotic routes across the world. These routes are weaved with local places of interest, cuisine, commonly used words with phonetics, real time weather and traffic, Wiki articles, Youtube videos and much more to make your journey interesting. Chances are you might miss these during real travel but can’t in RouteIt because you decide what and when to see through pitstops, pause and play. And above all you pay nothing for basic routes and $0.99 only for all exotic routes for this near real travel experience. We bet you will get into the habit of RouteIt your next travel destination to plan it best!

Some of the exclusive features of RouteIt are:

300+ routes categorized into 8 categories and 28 subcategories.

Google Map Navigation with 3D street view.

Play pause to travel at your own pace.

Pitstop and see the places of interest around you.

5 Gear speed control.

Walk,run and stroll with Facebook friends.

Play your favorite music that goes with weather or mood of the route.

View local videos, info articles, trivia, and interesting facts along the route.

Awards: Recognised by NASSCOM EMERGE App Frame

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We sincerely believe it will Educate and Entertain or in short EDUTAIN you. Edutainment is the philosophy behind all apps from the brand MediaAgility. The app has social features which enable you to run, walk, stroll or nap with your Facebook friends on nostalgic childhood routes you once trodded together on with hands in your pockets and loads of leisure time. Be it a walk to your school from home or a run from train station to your granny’s countryside house where you always lost the race from your elder sibling and wished to turn the tables some day.

Or enjoy the walk around those famous roads of London, NewYork, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Zurich and other bustling metropolis you had sipped endless cups of coffees in your working years. We also have routes around places like Phuket, Bergen, Key West, Auckland, Edinburgh, Prague, Rotterdam, CDiz, Hawai you were always planning to go to on your next vacation and relax or spend but kept postponing.

Why not RouteIt and then actually trip it?

RouteIt - Travel World Free


RouteIt - Travel World Free 2.8.6